03 August 2008 ~ 2 Comments

Tickets For Recording And Driving?

Any of you who have watched a couple of my worship confessionals, or weight loss updates, or just about any other video on here know that I have a tendency to film them while I drive.  I figure, hey, I got time while I’m in the car, and contrary to popular belief, it isn’t too tough to keep your eyes on the road and hold a camera.  Kinda like holding a cell phone and…oh wait…that’s illegal now.  Which is stupid anyway.  But I digress.

Not everyone believes me that it really isn’t that bad.  Hey, that’s cool.  I’ve got my own pet peeves, too.  Like chicks who do their eyeliner while they’re driving.  So is there a point to this rambling?  Yes, in fact there is.

After a nail biting Yahtzee tourney before bed tonight, (which I won, getting a Yahtzee in all 5 games we played) she asks me if I have seen the poll on my cousin’s blog.  When I say no, she insists that I go look at it, refusing to tell me herself what it is.  This is the blog for my cousin’s family.  They live in Arizona and have an awesome family with two awesome kids (although Zach could get them killed someday since Travis has taught him to mouth off at every Raider fan he ever sees in public).  I started laughing when I saw it.  Here’s what I saw:

Picture 1

I think she thought of it cause she was calling me lucky after the dice rolled my way.

So yeah, I’m kinda honored that there’s a poll in my name over at their blog.  Right now there’s only 3 votes, though.  So go on by their blog and weigh in!

What d’ya think?
Will the Po-Po crack down on me and my SD1000 or Elura 100 one of these days??

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