18 August 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Chapmans On Larry King

I know.  I've been kinda absent from the blogosphere lately.
You'd think that when there's a lot going on in my head, I'd blog more.  Not the case.  Life's been busy.  I've been thinking.  Moving on.

Back in May I wrote this post about Steven Curtis Chapman losing his 5 year old daughter.
One of the things that I pondered then was what it would look like for them to share their lives and grieving process with the world.
Then I saw this post the other day.
The Chapman family went on Larry King to share what has happened in their lives as a result.
I stayed up late watching it Saturday night.
It is powerful.
There are six parts.
Go watch them.

Here's the link for part 1.  Then just keep moving through them with the related videos on the right.
It's incredible to hear their story.
If you have kids, watch it.
If you've been through grief or tragedy, watch it.
If you haven't, watch it anyway, cause someday you will.
How amazing to see how this family has reacted to such a heartbreaking tragedy.

Oh.  And check out what Larry King had to say about it the next day.
Pretty amazing.

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