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Teaching Text-fessional

So this past weekend, rather than lead worship I had the privilege of teaching on Sunday morning.  On the worship front, 3 of our worship team members, Lori Hazen, Whitney Stewart, and Cory Samuelson stepped up to lead worship, and I just played piano for them.  It was awesome to see them step up and lead!!  A new experience for all of them to some degree, and overall it went great!  Here was the set:

  • Hosanna (led by Whitney)
  • Unchanging (led by Lori)
  • All For Love (led by Whitney and Lori)
  • Jesus Paid It All (led by Cory)
  • I Give You My Heart (led by Whitney)
  • Enough (led by Lori)
  • Now That You're Near (led by Cory)

Unfortunately, with all the business I had going on that morning, I didn't get any video of it.  I have a feeling the three of them are cool with that though!  I do however have a confessional from last week that I need to just get edited and uploaded.  Maybe soon.

On the teaching front, I taught this week on our topic of money, and more specifically on the concept of tithing.  Touchy subject, but I actually loved teaching it cause I believe so strongly in the idea.  Teaching still stretches me out of my comfort zone quite a bit, which is another reason I love getting to do it.  It's a great way to learn and hopefully get a little better each time.

I'll embed the message below in case anyone wants to check it out.  We missed the beginning with me talking about Caleb and his new use of the word "mine", but it works out fine without it.  Most of the content is pulled from a mix of stuff from Craig Groschel and David Trotter when we went through the topic at Revolution a few years ago, and I think he pulled a bit from Ed Young. 

Anyway, that's it.  I also stretched myself by not reading a completely reading a
transcript of the message, but getting it into bullet point form and
trying to really get it in me. Overall, got some good feedback, and it was a good morning.  Now, on to next week!

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