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Church Planters Assessment

For a long time I’ve mentioned our heart and desire to one day plant a church.  In a way, that could be a good way off still.  So don’t worry CLC peeps, this post doesn’t mean I’m going anywhere TOO soon.
On the same note, we also feel that day rapidly approaching in the grand scheme of things.  My desire is to be fully devoted to all that God has called me to do through CLC in Santa Cruz, and also to be preparing myself for the day that opportunity arises.

That being the case, A few weeks ago I spent a full day with a great church planter named J.R. Woodward being assessed in my ability to plant in the future based on my current skill sets and experiences.  Great guy, and was fun to sped the day getting to know him as well and getting a glimpse into his world.  Thanks a ton to Rick Mysse who provided the opportunity.

*Sidenote: for those who have no clue what I’m talking about because you luckily don’t speak churchianity in your everyday life, church planting means we feel called to start a new church in a community with the desire to see a greater impact in being missional and reaching a community fwith the message of Jesus.  I guess there was still a lot of Christianese in there, but hopefully you get the point, at least.

Anyway, I debated in my head whether or not to share this part on the blog, but in a way it feels like the first big step in moving that direction, and I really do want to share as much of the journey as possible with our community here.  The assessment itself is 7 pages, and besides boring you to tears, I’m not about to show everyone all of it anyway.  Sorry!  However there is a graphical summary at the end that gives you an idea of what the assessment looks like.  The areas where J.R. and the material he used perceive as my strengths and non-strengths.  I’ll try to not just share the stuff that only makes me look good on the journey, but try to be somewhat vulnerable as well.

Anyway, enough of that.  Here’s a glimpse at what the outcome had to say.  Just a small chance for you to learn a little more about me and share in the journey!

Picture 9

The two lower scores had to do with (a) not having experienced building anything from complete scratch yet, even outside the context of an established church, and (b) a desire to see me rebound from hurts and dissappointments quicker.

Great stuff for me to process and think about what it means for the future.  Already has my head spinning with lots of thoughts and ideas!  Honestly, I love being stretched and challenged!  How about you?

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