11 January 2013 ~ 1 Comment

Friday Morning Mind Dump

I’ve been up since 5am this morning.
You’ll see why in a minute.
But that gave me lots of time to think, read pray, etc.
All my thoughts tend to culminate in the shower.  Is that weird?
Anyway, one of my goals this year is to significantly increase my blogging.
As those thoughts were culminating, thought I’d dump em here in case you’re even slightly interested.
A peek in my brain today:

  • Thinking of writing a fairly controversial blogpost after reading some news stories this morning.  One that may disturb friends on both sides of issues.  Not ready to open that can of worms yet, so I’ll leave it at that.
  • Probably not the best post to start the New Year with…thus, a mind dump post.
  • Thinking about issues makes me realize I should send some apologies to a few friends from my past.
  •  Inspired  to get some blog posts up at the Missio Dei Community blog.  Need to get on that.
  • Had some good ideas I want to jump on for our monthly “Spiritual Conversation” with Missio Dei Community at the end of this month.
  • Need to stage some numbers in my head before Bye Bye Birdie rehearsal tonight so I can zip through em in our limited rehearsal time.
  • But I have professional development for half the day.  That’s gonna fill my time.
  • Speaking of, need to get my final lesson plans and materials together for my sub on Monday & Tuesday while I’m at school.
  • Need to work on lesson plans for the next semester.
  • Why do I have so much trouble not doing this stuff further ahead of time after all these years of trying to get better at not procrastinating.
  • Maybe I should get up early more often.  Fell more motivated this morning than usual.
  • Oh yeah, I got up early to make my wife breakfast before she left for work at 6am…cause it’s her birthday.

So the point at the end of that…while there’s a lot I want to get done, most of it will need to be pushed to some other time cause my priority today needs to be celebrating my amazing wife.
She is so worth celebrating and more important than just about any other task I can think of.
Last thought: I better get to work so I don’t get ANOTHER speeding ticket today.

Have a good day y’all.
And wish my wife a Happy Birthday. ;)

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