15 September 2008 ~ 4 Comments

Triathlon At Pacific Grove

So, I guess you could say I accomplished one of my goals in the Ragamuffin Top challenge with my second triathlon.  Well…kinda.  

Anyway, check out the video below to get a recap and find out how the race went.  And then, this time I really will give you a breakdown of how I experienced the race sometime this week.


P.S. – I love the half face shot of Dan in the video still above!  Very nice.

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  1. mike d 17 September 2008 at 6:23 pm Permalink

    it was my first olympic tri as well. i was on the SF team-in-training team.
    i almost did the same thing on both the bike and the run..it started on the bike. on lap 3, i couldn’t remember if i was actually on lap 3 or on lap 4? i felt great, i thought. i remember thinking to myself “…damn..i making better time than i expected…”. “..but am i on lap 3 or 4?”.
    so, i yelled out to one of my peeps cheering me on, “yo! i can’t remember what lap i’m on!!…”. “…you have one more to go!!” yelled my friend dan.
    then on the run, it happened again. but i really thought we were only to run 2 laps, not 3. one of my teammates on the run passed me and said “yo!,..what lap you on?!…” i said, “im good and on my last lap…lap 2!!..” NOOO!!! you have one more to go..you have to do 3 laps!!…see you at the finish line!…” “DAMN!!!” i grunted.
    im usually not that forgetful. but i believe it had to do with all the excitement and adrenaline i gathered after the swim. i’ve been STRUGGLING with the swim since i started training, back in may. and do i mean Struggle. i started as an ok swimmer or i should say i started thinking i was an ok swimmer. triathlon swimming i found out is a Whole other level/world of swim. not for the faith at heart.
    but, i wasn’t going to let it conquer me. i was going to conquer it and dominate. i wanted it SO bad. i’ve been training Early morning and night, day after day, after day, after day, after day up until the day before the race. and everyday got better and better. however, i was still worried about the 2nd lap; having to get out from the first, run around the rock, then get back in!…i thought if im gonna do down, its going to be on the 2nd lap.
    finally sat am, the horn blew, i jumped in, put my head down, and got into my stroke and rhythm. i put everything i had into concentrating on my stroke. the kelp, the dudes kicking me in the head, punching me in the back, literally swimming over me, the sea otters swimming next to and under me, the jellyfish…all out of my head. before i knew it, i looked up and could see the beach a few 100 yerds in front to me. i could hear everyone cheering and i thought to myself, “holy.. i can’t beleive i made it without stopping on the first lap and im feel’n great!!!”…i got out, ran around the rock and jumped back in and nailed the 2nd lap!
    i was so elated you can’t imagine. i. nailed. the. swim. unbelievable. so, during the bike and run, i couldn’t stop thinking about how i nailed the swim in my own special way and lost count of the bike laps. i was, and still am, very very very happy.
    in the end, i finished in 3h12m. but i could’ve finish dead last and it wouldn’t matter to me. i wasn’t doing for the time, i did and i had to do it, for myself. only.
    re. the SF triathlon.
    now that i know i can do the swim, im thinking very seriously of doing the SF tri just to make i really got the swim down. was it a fluke?…im asking myself..”..only 12min is keeping me from doing an under 3 hour olympic triathlon, as a rookie…could a little more training get me there?…
    maybe i’ll see you there.
    all the best to you and yours and,
    congratulations on completing the Pac Grove triathlon!
    -mike d.

  2. Dan Perkins 17 September 2008 at 11:46 am Permalink

    I am laughing my face off! Well, the half you can’t see… thanks Bobby.
    You did great. I’m proud to have been out there with you and YES (Please Rachel can Bobby come out and play?) on the SF Triathlon!

  3. Aunt Linda 16 September 2008 at 6:43 pm Permalink

    I know you hate when I say this….but you’re soooo cute! Congrats on your accomplishment. We all know you would have finished either way!

  4. Megan 16 September 2008 at 12:38 am Permalink

    You did great Bob! I think for your personal satisfaction you need to do another one and map out the course maybe PRIOR to the race. Hey, most people don’t get off the couch and try! PUT PANTS ON YOUR KID!

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