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Thinking Of Eisley Today

Every so often an event happens that gives me perspective.  Reminds me about true priorities.
One of those happened last weekend and it’s been on my mind all week long.
It didn’t happen to us, but a family we know who grew up at the church we came from here in Santa Cruz.

Early on after having Caleb I remember thinking about what it would mean to really hold him and my family open handed.
I wanted to be able to trust God no matter what, but when I saw that kid and fell in love with him I knew how hard that would be.
I asked myself if I could fully surrender him to God.  Would I be OK if God took him from me.
Last weekend some friends of mine had to actually come face to face with that reality.

That’s Scott and Stephanie.
And their daughter Eisley.
Eisley turned 3 a couple weeks ago.
Then last sunday morning, she just didn’t wake up.
The memorial service is in Costa Mesa today and they have been on my mind all week.

It is a sobering reminder that NONE of us are promised tomorrow.
Several times this week I’ve hugged my kids a little tighter.
The other night I checked on them before going to bed, and took a moment to feel Caleb’s breath on my face and breathe in the smell.
I’ve taken a little extra cuddle time with Micah on the couch watching Umi Zumi, even though I knew I should get back to work.

It’s also been pretty awesome to see the outpouring of love for their family from their faith community.
There has already been over $25,000 collected to help them pay for all the expenses that are coming.
Click here to check it out, and consider helping them out too.
And if you’re the prayin type, please say a couple for them this week.

And go love harder, hug more, and appreciate the people around you.
They’re worth it.

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