18 October 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Not Too Extreme Home Makeover

There used to be a time when Rachel would reference people to my blog or grab my pictures to post.
She is now way more diligent on her posting so I’m having to flip that around.

So if you don’t follow her and didn’t catch her post on the house (you can go there for more pictures & details) we ended up buying back in April, here are some fun before and after pics of some of the work we did before moving in:

BEFORE                                                                         AFTER



Some future projects…

Most important one in order to get the house ready for adoption, and likely now an exchange student next semester – knocking out a wall to expand the downstairs bedroom and add a closet:

And this is the man-cave/brewhouse.  I will definitely get you some before and after pics inside, cause my future abode is gonna rock:


Oh yeah…and gonna do some work to turn that weed area into an actual lawn someday too.

So who wants to come over to do some drywalling, painting, and/or landscaping?! :)




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