07 July 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Oregon Or Bust!

This is where I will be between 9pm-ish tonight and 9am-ish tomorrow morning.
One of Rachel’s best friends, Kari, gets married in Salem, OR this Saturday night.
Rachel’s the Matron of Honor.
The kids are ring bearers.
Which makes for a whirlwind weekend of travel for us.

Rachel is there.
Flew up on Monday.
Her mom flew here to help watch the kids while I work and rehearse this week. (Thanks Glenda!)
Glenda and I leave after I get out of rehearsal at 9pm to make the 11 hour drive (err…at least 12 hours with 2 midgets).
Rehearsal dinner Friday night, wedding Saturday night, and then I fly back early Sunday morning to get back for rehearsal 10-6 on Sunday and then Missio Dei Community at my house Sunday evening.
Rachel and her mom drive back and get in Monday.

Red Bull and 5 hour energy, get me through the all nighter on highway 5!
OK, so that to get me back to blogging…now to keep it up…

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  1. Jon olson 7 July 2011 at 10:11 am Permalink

    Good luck, safe driving!

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