14 April 2011 ~ 7 Comments

Moving Party!!! …Again

That’s Rachel in the picture.
She’s ready to do some serious lifting.

One year ago, we lived on Rigg Street.
6 months ago, we lived on Bay Street.
Right now, we live on Beach Street.
Next week…we’ll live on Faye Drive!
If you help us out this Sunday, we’ll try to give you a break and not move again anytime soon.

Many hands make light work.  And it’s a lot more fun too, as long as you’re fun people.
We’ll be starting at our storage unit at 10am.
Everything’s in boxes, so hopefully it shouldn’t be too tough.
We’ll haul everything to the house and get to unloading.
For those of you who are at a church in the morning, come join us for lunch and then shift 2 is on after lunch.
We’ll get it done so we can all go to the Royal Family Kids Camp Silent Auction that night (hint, hint – don’t you love how I’ve scheduled your day?  I’m like a personal assistant).

Oh…and speaking of lunch, it’s been requested we try not to do pizza again.
Apparently everyone does pizza when they move.
Including us…every time.
We’ll see what we can manage, but no promise.

Important addresses:

Extra Space Storage
1310 Fair Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA

Our house:

3751 Faye Dr.
Soquel, CA

See ya Sunday…I hope.
And thank you guys SO MUCH!!

Oh, and just for fun, how many of you out there have moved a lot?
How many places have you lived in a specific span of time?
Just curious.

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