18 March 2011 ~ 4 Comments


It’s amazing at times to look back and see how God can bring about something positive, even beautiful, out of the crummiest of circumstances.
Beauty fron ashes…almost literally.

As most of you know, the end of 2010 was pretty brutal for us here.
My mom passes away in August.
As a result, we inherited some money and property.
(Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, would rather have my mom’s presence than all the money in the world.  Hopefully that’s at least sort of assumed for now.)
Then we have the house fire and are forced to rethink our living situation.

All that to say, we just spent an hour signing our lives away.
We are joining the world of home ownership.
I had pretty much resigned myself to probably never becoming a homeowner.
But with my mom’s down payment and low interest rates, it turns out to be better for us to buy than to rent.

So we’re moving just outside of Santa Cruz proper into Soquel, really close to where we lived when we first moved here.
Found a pretty good deal on a 3br/2.5ba foreclosure.  (Strange to consider someone else’s misfortune as our blessing, but that could be a whole post of it’s own I guess.)
While it is a seriously scary step, also feeling so blessed for the opportunity to have our home as a place for ministry and hospitality.
So feel free to drop in regularly when we get it…starting with moving day, details to follow! ;)

Here’s a couple pics of the place:

Comin down the driveway

Living room                                               “Hole in the wall” – Caleb’s FAVORITE feature!

Kitchen                                                          Soon to be brewhouse/man-cave  :)

Lot’s of work to be done on it and more possibilities than dollars.
Guess I’d better become a handyman really quick!

I’ll try to make an album in Facebook to share more of the pics.

One of several changes for me and us right now.
I’ll share a few others next week.
If there’s been anything constant in our lives this past year, it’s been change.
Hopefully being rooted in a dwelling place will help add some consistency to the chaos.
God is good and I love this journey!

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