07 February 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Transitional Housing

For those who haven’t been around our current pad, we moved into a temporary place in Dec. after the fire. It’s a 2br apt/vacation rental that is rented out monthly in the off season for students and people who had house fires. It worked out nicely since the rent is just a smidge more than we were paying, but includes all our utilities.

As you can see from the pictures, not a shabby place to suffer for a little bit.
And Caleb LOVES being across the street from the arcade and the Boardwalk. (In winter they have a deal where you get $40 in tokens for $20, so we stocked up for Christmas and he gets to go play on special occasions.)

We’re on the 3rd floor above the pizza joint there.  And we get a discount. (Same owner.)
The pizza is good.
Not a bad deal, especially on $2 Tuesdays when all draft beer and well cocktails are $2.

You may notice I took those pics back in December.  Finally gettin em up here.

It’s a small place for our family and we’ve had to work at teaching the kids volume levels for apartment living, but it’s the perfect short-term place for us.  Now we’re working on where we’ll move to next, and with any luck (and lots of prayer!), we’ll know more on that front in the near future!

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