18 January 2011 ~ 2 Comments

Ghost of Blogging Past – More & Closer

What better way to get started blogging in 2011 than recapping some events I never got around to blogging in 2010?
OK, there are probably lots of better ways.  But I’m doing it anyway.
Both to share with you and cause I like to have it to look back on later.

Revolution Church in Long Beach is a huge part of what made me who I am.
Almost 4 years after leaving there those people still feel like some of the closest church family I have.
The past 3 years have been a lot of hell for them and I think of them almost daily.

In 2010 they celebrated 7 years as a church in Long Beach.  To celebrate they decided to bring back all the former worship leaders for a special night of worship and celebration.  After 7 years you wouldn’t think that was a lot, but there were 5 of us on stage: Andy Sulzman, myself, Elijah Young, Jamie Stavenger, and Keith Dickson.

Seriously, one of the most epic nights of leading worship ever for me.
For one, getting to lead worship with some of the most talented worship leaders I know.  Forget Tomlin, Redman, or United.  Very humbling to get to lead alongside these peeps.
Also, I love that community.  I love getting to be with them, and getting to lead worship for them again was a blast.
And those peeps came to worship.  The energy was crazy in there.
I think it was a healing night in a lot of ways for a lot of the people there.

One of my favorite moments was after How He Loves Us, when Keith starts to pray and says, “God, you truly must love us, cause…well, we’re still here.”
And everyone just kinda laughed.
So many churches would be gone after all they’ve been through.  But they keep on truckin.
I pray God does some serious business in them and then through them this coming year.

I can’t put all the songs on here, but here are some of my favorites from the night.
Thanks for letting me celebrate with you family.
Keep on keepin on.

02-Marvelous Light (Bobby) from Angelo Alberico on Vimeo.

08-Mighty to Save (Jamie) from Angelo Alberico on Vimeo.

15-Indescribable (Bobby) from Angelo Alberico on Vimeo.

16-Victory (Elijah) from Angelo Alberico on Vimeo.

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