17 October 2008 ~ 5 Comments

Who Made You Caleb?

So, Rachel recently had the toddler Sunday School class at church start doing curriculum as opposed to just playing.  We realized with Caleb that he actually can start learning and interacting, so we should start teaching the kids some at that age.  Currently they are learning about who made the world.

So as I was changing Caleb's diaper today and asking him who made the world.  Here's how the conversation went:

Me:  Caleb, who made the world?
Caleb:  Gawd.
Me:  That's right.  And who made the stars?
Caleb:  Gawd.
Me:  Good!  And who made you?

Quick interjection here.  They haven't learned that one yet.  But I thought maybe if he kept with the same answer he'd get the point.  Continue story…

Caleb:  Ca-wub.
Me:  Yeah, you're Caleb.  So who made Caleb?
Caleb:  Jee-shush.
Me:  No, it's G…wait…did you just say Jesus?
Caleb:  Yes.

That's freaking awesome.

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