26 October 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Keys To Planting a Church

Early this year I was listening to some teaching from Francis Chan from the Gospel Conference they did for the folks at Cornerstone Church.
As he was sharing his heart, I remember him saying that when they started Cornerstone, there were 5 things you had to have to start a “successful” church:

  • Good teaching
  • Great sound system
  • A worship leader
  • A school to meet in
  • A good kid’s program

That was the formula.
Boom.  Instant church.
He was being somewhat satirical but truthful at the same time.

A friend sent me this video from Ed Stetzer with everything you need to know now in 3 minutes in order to plant a “successful” church.
Pretty funny.

So what else would you put on the list of “needs”?
And let’s keep in mind, this was meant to be satire.
Sorry to burst your bubble if you were hoping this was your ticket to starting your next mega-church.

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