31 October 2008 ~ 2 Comments

Random Worship Ponderings On Halloween

I was quickly perusing a couple of blogs between tasks when I saw this video at Vicky Beeching's blog.

First of all, I love Vicky's heart and willingness to take a few minutes to play a song for someone after her concert was done.  It's pretty un-rock star to give value and time to a random person.  I appreciate that about her as an artist.

But there's something else that got me thinking during this video.  I noticed it at the end where it became most apparent I thought, but it's there throughout the video.  The girl next to her is obviously loving the moment, not just because an artist she admires is singing it, but they are actually having a moment of worship.  (If not, we'll pretend they are.)  And as they are worshipping there is a lot going on around them.  Hustle and bustle of people talking, packing away equipment, getting things done.

Usually when we come together to worship corporately, the worship of God is the sole focus of what we are doing.  As it should be.  But how often is that the reality in every day life?  Usually it is in the midst of the busyness, the hustle and bustle of everyday activities, while real life is happening all around us that we have to find those God moments, those moments of genuine worship in the midst of the chaos.  Usually those are the most beautiful God moments.  For some reason, that kinda hit me as I listened to the end of this video.

Today will be a busy day.  But hopefully I will find those moments to slow down and worship God in the midst of it.
Are you finding those moments in your day to see the beauty in the middle of the busyness?
Do that today.

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