25 May 2010 ~ 2 Comments


Overall, had a good time in Yosemite.
However, we did wake up to this on Sunday morning…


Is it really 2 weeks away from June?
You gotta be kiddin me.
Not gonna lie.  The tent was freezing every night.  A good portion of Sunday afternoon we just got snow and sleet.
But it made for a great time just hangin in the tent trailer and playing games together.

Luckily we did get Saturday morning at Yosemite and a good hike nearby on Sunday morning.
With the cold stickin around as ling as it has the falls at Yosemite were pretty awesome.
Yosemite in general was just stinking awesome.
My first time there.
I’ve seen plenty of pictures, but seeing half dome in the distance with towering trees and mountains on each side of you doesn’t even compare.
One day I will hike that thing!
Here are a few pics from our camera and my phone.

Amazing how all of that just “happened”.
Oh, wait…

God is an incredible artist.

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