20 May 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Missio Bloggin

Almost another month has past with no posts.
What a slacker I am.
Remember back when blogging was less popular, more rogue, and I could just blog when I felt like it and didn’t feel like I had to? The good ole days.
Also, still figuring out the rhythms of working 30 hours plus working on Missio Dei stuff and finding time for blogging, family, and…oh yeah, sleep.
Yeah, yeah, yeah… you want some cheese with your whine? Welcome to the real world.
Neither Facebook or my recent addiction to playing Settlers of Catan online to unwind are helping either.

Anywho…just a quick post to let you know I started the blog over on the Missio Dei site now where I’ll post some stuff more relevant to our community and what’s happening. Still need to get it set up better, but click here to swing by and check out the first post, and expect plenty more to come.

Some other big news for us that you may have already caught on Facebook or Twitter.
But if you didn’t, you’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see it here…with pictures.

Books without pictures make me kinda sad.
That’s all for now.

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