10 November 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Want To See A Free Movie?

Well, if you're in Santa Cruz on November 30th, that is.

As I mentioned before, this Christmas we are running hard with Advent Conspiracy.  Let's spend less money this year, cut down the stress to focus on Jesus, give relational gifts of our time and effort this year, and give away the money we would have spent for the poor around the world.

As a creative way to get our church and our community thinking about and talking about this concept, we rented out the Rio Theater in Santa Cruz and will be screening the movie What Would Jesus Buy from producer Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me).  It is free, and instead of asking people to pay we will be accepting small donations to go to the Africa Oasis Project as part of our Advent Conspiracy initiative.  Check out the trailer:

In case you were wondering, no, this is not a "Christian" movie (whatever that means…I guess it isn't going to heaven when it dies).  In fact many people who go may not agree with all of the points made in the movie.  But it brings up some real issues, will get people thinking/talking (which I feel is a mark of great art, btw), and it is a message that fits in quite well in Santa Cruz.

The Rio has 680 seats.  I think it would be pretty incredible if we filled em all.  A long shot, but let's do it.
Invite all your friends:

What Would Jesus Buy
Nov. 30th – 5:00 PM
The Rio Theater

Here is the Facebook invite.

So, what do ya think?
And who's coming?

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