25 March 2010 ~ 4 Comments

Take My Wife & Wet It Be…

A few weeks ago I was in the living room putting together a set to lead worship at Rancho Vista Church.
Caleb was on the computer in our bedroom playing games.
As I was singing, he walked over and closed the door.  Apparently I was disturbing him.
A few minutes later I was singing his favorite worship song.

The door opens and Caleb has a big smirk on his face.
As I get to the chorus, he starts belting out, “Glory to God, Forever!” and dancing.
Micah is standing by the table and starts bouncing up and down doing his own dancing as well.
Before long, I stand up from the lazy boy, and I’m standing in front of the TV leading my 2 boys in worship.
One singing out the words and spinning around.  The other a huge smile on his face bouncing up and down.
And I was going for it.

I’ve led worship in front of hundreds of people at a time.
Never reached the thousands of people at one time level.
But I don’t think either could possibly compare to the joy of leading those two in worship in the living room of my house.

Until it all came to a screeching halt of course when Calebs spinning ended with a giant collision in the middle of the room with his walking younger brother.

Oh, and here’s a quick video of Caleb rocking Glory to God at the dinner table the week before.
Good to know I have a fill in if I ever get sick.
He’s even got the fist pump.
Just wait.  He’ll be schooling me in worship leading before you know it (if he isn’t already).
You’ll understand the post title when you watch the video.

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