21 November 2008 ~ 2 Comments

My Most Expensive T-Shirt

For those of you that missed the Twitter updates, I was unable to participate in the San Francisco Triathlon at Treasure Island a few weeks ago cause my back was too jacked up.
We had already paid for a hotel room in Frisco, so we took the night away and stopped by the triathlon to see Dan and to pick up my bag including t-shirt.
Thus, here is the t-shirt that cost me about $145:

Photo 82

I went to the Dr. afterward and was prescribed physical therapy.
So I basically get my own personal trainer for the next month at COAST rehab.
Kinda nice.
The goal is to strengthen my core to prevent further injury.

We did get an x-ray done which I went over with the Dr. the other day.
There’s a lot of “bony growth” in my lower back.
In his words, more than he would expect for a 29 year old.
Consistent with a facet issue which doc thinks it is, rather than a disc.
So I guess my back has some extra years on me!

That’s it.  Random post to share my t-shirt, my back, and the weakness of my core.
And now I’m itchin to do my first triathlon of the next season!

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