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Sunday Night Catch Up – ICTN Camp ’10

After our week at the assessment center, Rachel and I had the privilege of attending the annual ICTN triathlon camp in Tucson, AZ.
Last year, through Dan, I was invited to come lead worship, an element they hadn’t regularly had.  Micah was due a week or two later, so no way I was getting away from my wife with her ready to pop and chasing a 2 year old around the house.

This year it worked out perfectly though, with Rachel’s parents just keeping the kids a few extra days.
We missed most of Friday, but got a day and a half in with Sat. and Sun.
We caught a session in the morning on how to raise money for charity through the sport, and then I bailed on a second breakout to get my gear ready for a ride up Mt. Lemmon.

So this was my first ride in probably 5 months or so.  Not on the training schedule yet.
So after all was said and done, for me it was about a 30 mile ride, riding out to the base of the mountain, riding up to mile 4, then headin back in.
Of course I only head back so I could get there early to set up for worship.  Had nothing to do with fitness level. ;)
Of course, as I turned to come back down, I went to down shift and realized I never switched into my easier gears of my front 2.  So I guess I worked a lot harder than I had to.
A few pics from the ride:

That night we got to lead worship and then again in the morning.
It was so fun to lead in this context, especially having these two passions of Jesus and triathlon that everyone in the room had in common.
Worked out nice that we I also came away from it with a free wetsuit, a jug of Heed, and Rachel and I both were offered a free training plan from a coach we connected with there.
The best part really was getting to connect with a lot of really great people.  If we are blessed with the opportunity again, we look forward to getting to see all those people again in the future.

Rachel is training for her first sprint this summer.
I asked her if this gave her more of an appreciation for Triathlon…

Rachel: Not necessarily.  Gives me a better idea how I can share my faith in the process.  But I think it makes me more scared for my first one.
Me:  Scared?  Why?  I’d think you should be encouraged.
Rachel: Those people are crazy!  They bike and run all the time and they talk about it as if it’s fun!!

Ha!  That cracked me up.
Another post coming soon as to why I think she just hasn’t gotten addicted quite yet.

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