26 January 2010 ~ 0 Comments

3 Minute Mind Dump

Literally, I have like 3 minutes to post this.
So no edits.  Just off the top.
Here we go.

  • Have 3 minutes cause we’re about to head out for the Converge Church Planters assessment center.  3 days of intensity.  Psychologists, pastors, assessors, coaches, all inspecting us to say whether not they think we’re capable.  Errr…called?  Anyway, BIG week for us.  Please be praying.
  • Visiting Patience in Perris right now.  The amount of space you get in a house compared to costs in Santa Cruz is freaking insane!
  • Went on the first run in months yesterday.  Felt good.  Well, it hurt so good.  Time to start training again for this years triathlon schedule!
  • Speaking of triathlon, Friday, as soon as we’re done with the assessment center, we drive to Tuscon Arizona to lead worship at the ICTN Triathlon Camp.  looking forward to it.  A bit frightened though since I’m a bit out of shape and will be working out with really IN shape people.
  • Gonna try to teach Rachel how to swim for reals this week while we have a pool to help get her ready for her first triathlon in June.
  • Did I mention we are without kids for a whole week?  Kinda miss em, maybe more worry about em, but overall just stoked to experience what it’s like to just enjoy my wife without distractions for a week!  Even if it is the midst of a stressful week.
  • Last week was my last full wee in the office at CLC.  Only 3 more opportunities to lead worship there.  Kinda bitter-sweet.
  • Looking forward to leading worship at Rancho Vista Church in Chula Vista on March 7th and on Easter this year!

OK.  There’s a random mind dump for ya.
Now that my head is clear, I’m out of here!
If I can muster up the energy, I’ll get out a full report when I can as the assessment progresses.
And maybe a triathlon post in my head later in the week about triathlon and gateway drugs.

Thanks for the prayers!
See ya soon!

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