09 December 2008 ~ 2 Comments

My Own Hand At Design


A couple times a year I give designing a shot of my own.  We’re handing out a flyer at Caroling On The Wharf to advertise our Christmas Eve service as well as our New Years Series.  Used the same design as last year for our Christmas Eve candlelight service, but threw together a design for our January/February series using some background images Ed had grabbed for the branding.

I think it actually came out alright.  Better than some in the past in my opinion.  Take a look:

Picture 12
Any tips from you hot designers out there to make it better next time?
As a sidenote about that series, one of the things I’m really looking forward to is bring our friends Rex and Eve Johnson up here to do a marriage seminar at our church on Valentines weekend.  Unfortunately I might not be able to take part cause we should have a new baby that week, but if you are in Santa Cruz you wanna make it over for this.  They’re great!

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