17 December 2009 ~ 2 Comments

The Holidays Aren’t Always Happy

Christmas is a time where we feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
It’s a time that we cherish our families and loved ones.
It’s a time that we reflect on our year.
It’s a time that we thank God for all He’s done and is doing.
It’s a time when we are supposed to be happy that all is right with life.

And for those reasons, it’s also a time that can be the most painful time of the year for many.
For those who have lost loved ones.
For those who had a tragic year.
For those who can’t see God’s hand right now.
For those who don’t feel very thankful.
And sometimes we forget or just gloss over that for the sake of keeping it happy.

I know people who read this blog who are more aware during this time of those who are no longer around to celebrate with.
I know people who read this blog who are in uncertain seasons of major transition.
I know people who read this blog who recently miscarried a baby they were looking forward to loving.
I know people who read this blog who are in the throes of dealing with cancer in the midst of a holiday season.
I know people who read this blog who are working through clinical depression.
I know people who read this blog who don’t feel like they have a lot to celebrate.
And the season magnifies that pain they feel.

Life is pretty good for me.  Most days I am enjoying the yuletide bliss and time with my family.
But every now and then, even I have that day where things seem a lot grayer and I am more focused on the struggles than the blessings.
I think we can all relate.
We’ve all been there.

Which is why this excerpt I read yesterday resonated.
It comes out of Meditations of a Hermit.
It has some great thoughts for those of us who follow Jesus.
Maybe if you are having a tough time this season, or you know someone who is, this is something you can reflect on.
See what you think:

Let us thank God a thousand times if in the sadness which invades us it seems to us as if we are rejected by the world.  The depression and suffering, the bitterness with which we seem sometimes to be soaked to be soaked, were the lot of Our Lord on earth.  Are we not fortunate to share them?  We should pity the happy people.  Pity those whose happiness, even though it be quite legitimate and innocent, keeps them attached to the world.  God is good that he has so despoiled us of everything, that we can draw breath only by turning our heads towards him. How great is his mercy, how divine his goodness, for he has torn everything from us in order that we may be more completely his.  So the suffererers are the happy ones through the goodness of God.  In suffering I give thanks.

May these days of Christmas festival bring you, in your suffering, I do not say consolation, but the blessing God intends for you. The child Jesus will perhaps not give you any sweetness, – he reserves that for the weak ones, – but his hand will none the less be spread to bless you in these days of Christmastide, and whether you feel it or no, he will pour abundant grace into your soul.

Not much for me to add at this point.
How about you?

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