16 December 2009 ~ 4 Comments

Christmas Tree Time Lapse

We head out this past Monday to cut down our Christmas tree.  Had a blast with the fam.  Got the tree home, and thought I’d share our decorating festivities with you.

So with no further ado, our tree from start to finish…in 60 seconds.

I do have to extend a quick apology to my German readers.
Apparently Sony owns that song, and they don’t want you to hear it on YouTube if you are in Germany:

Picture 20

Just in case you were sitting in Germany wondering why you can’t see the video.
My sincere apologies.

4 Responses to “Christmas Tree Time Lapse”

  1. Christal 16 December 2009 at 10:58 pm Permalink

    That is awesome!

  2. bobby 16 December 2009 at 3:14 pm Permalink

    Thanks Rick! ;)

    Angelo – yeah, last year I did the whole day in 90 seconds deal the day we cut it down. Did you actually film it regular and then you go in and speed it up? If so, check out a program called Gawker for Mac. It’s free and does time lapse stuff super easy.

    And I’ve had YouTube strip my audio before too. When that happens I usually go back and just export the video with a new song that I know that shouldn’t happen to.

  3. Angelo Alberico 16 December 2009 at 2:04 pm Permalink


    I did one last year and put it up on a few sources (vimeo, youtube) I’ve also filmed us putting together ours this year but haven’t had time to process the video yet.

    My video last year on youtube also suffered the “content owned” problem with the song they didn’t block the video but just disabled the song and would allow me to reupload a new audio track if i wished…. strange (and how german?) is it of them to just BLOCK the entire video!

  4. Rick 16 December 2009 at 1:58 pm Permalink

    Love the hair Bobby!
    Merry Christmas you guys!

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