15 December 2009 ~ 1 Comment

The Lost Art Of Storytelling

cs-lewisLast night I watched The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian for the first time.
Not sure why it took me SO long to get around to that one.  Such a good movie.
I was so captured by the story and some of the simple yet profound writing.

It made me wonder… who/where are our modern day C.S. Lewis’s?
Who is our Tolkien today, telling stories that reflect the nature of God in an engaging and powerful way?
Where is the Lewis, capturing our imaginations in telling stories of redemption and hope that reflect deep theological truths pointing us back to the greatest story of all?
We truly have the greatest story available, and it seems to me that we have lost the art of telling that story in creative and captivating ways.

Perhaps we need more pastors and leaders today who have graduated from film school rather than seminaries.
Again…just a thought.

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