12 January 2009 ~ 2 Comments

Our Christmas Album

So yeah, I know, Christmas was like 3 weeks ago.
But we just celebrated with our families last week.
Which means I can finally share a few of the gifts we gave that were birthed out of our focus on Advent Conspiracy this year.

The gift that I would say I was most looking forward to giving was one we created for both of our parents.  It was the most fun for me personally to put together and was one of those things we hope was meaningful for them to have.  We made extra copies and have been able to pass it on to some other family members who asked us for a copy as well.

We spent a bunch of time, with the help of Chris Gott (thanks dude!!) putting together our own Christmas album.  You can click to enlarge the inside of the cover below to see the details…track list, who played, etc.

And just for fun below that, you can hear the last couple tracks we laid down.  Including a little Merry Christmas from our whole family, 3 weeks late!  ;)

Picture 1

Little Drummer Boy

Silent Night

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