14 January 2009 ~ 4 Comments

My Brother From Another Mother


Back story.  I’ve mentioned before on my blog that I actually didn’t met my biological father until I was 14 years old.  My mom was his second marriage.  In his first marriage, he had 5 kids.  3 boys.  2 girls.
That means I have 5 half brothers and sisters, most of whom I haven’t met.  The sisters I met as a kid and kinda remember.  I’ve wondered about them for several years now and even tried Googling names and came up pretty empty.  Then enter the age of Facebook.
About a month ago I found 2 of them, Michele and Kevin, on Facebook.  Then John and Mike joined Facebook, too.  Still waiting for Kathy to get on board.  Some of them live in the Ventura area.  So as we drove home from our SoCal vacation on Saturday, we stopped off the 101 to meet Kevin for the first time.
As we pulled up to the house I could feel the nervousness in my stomach.  What is this guy like?  Is this gonna be awkward?  The door opened and next thing I know it was almost 3 hours later.
It was awesome hanging with him and his wife, Laura.   We had a blast chatting, getting to know each other, and letting Caleb go outside to play with the horses, goats, and chickens.  I might even be able to look past his total redneckness!  Country music, nascar, and cowboy hats!  ;)  Behold the pigs head that was hung the night before we arrived:
Meeting his family and being able to connect was super cool.  Strange to have somewhat shared experience and to be actually family with someone I’ve never known.  He is a Christ follower as well and is was cool to eat together and be able to pray together.  Looking forward to more visits with his fam as well as meeting the rest of the siblings in the near future.
Just a glimpse for you into my journey.
Thanks for coming along.

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