15 January 2009 ~ 11 Comments

24 And Impossible Decisions

This post came out of a coffee I had with Ryan this morning.  We started talking about 24 and both agreed that the right decision for the president right now on this season of 24 is clear.  However, we disagreed on what that decision should be.  So that made me kinda curious to know what all of you would do in her position.

If you watch 24, just jump down to the poll embedded on the page (RSS readers) and then feel free to share any thoughts in the comment section.  Don’t worry, the poll is anonymous so we can’t judge you.
For those of you living under a rock and not watching the greatest TV show EVER, allow me to set up the scenario very quickly so you can vote as well.

The short of it is this.  Imagine you are President.  There is mass genocide in Africa due to a major civil uprising, children are being kidnapped and recruited to kill, and thousands of innocent women and children are being killed daily.  You have troops ready to go in to aid the African government in putting a stop to the killing.  Now the terrorist leader that is responsible for the war has gained control to American technology that will allow him to kill thousands of Americans through air traffic control, power grids, and the likes.  He is ordering you to remove troops from Africa or he will begin killing Americans.

Hopefully that basically sums up the situation after the first 4 hours of this season.  Oh, and option C has been eliminated for this poll.  That option being just let Jack Bauer loose and allow him to kick everybody’s tails and save the world.  Now…vote!

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