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26 July 2005 ~ 0 Comments

Tony Royster Jr.

Hey Bret, this one’s for you. This guys 20 now, but here’s a video of him doing a drum solo at 12 years old…12!!! This kid is insane! Maybe we can get him at Revolution as a sub. [via] watch video

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19 July 2005 ~ 3 Comments

5 Reasons I Don’t Tell Others About Jesus

For those of you who weren’t able to be at church on Sunday, or who read this blog but don’t attend Revolution, here’s the video we made to start our series called “Be A Link.” There are lots of very common fears that people have in sharing their faith with other and being a part […]

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18 July 2005 ~ 0 Comments

Preaching and Teaching

If you didn’t know, I’m currently in class every Monday night at Vanguard University working to finish up my BA.  Each class is 5 weeks long, and tonight was week 1 of Teaching and Preaching with Bill Dogterom.  The next 4 weeks will consist of us teaching scripture, but tonight he talked about our personal […]

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12 July 2005 ~ 0 Comments

Adam Rose

It’s always nice to see people from our community supporting other artists in our community. So, that being said, here’s a couple of dates that Adam Rose and his band are playing. If you need a place to go hang and hear some good music, check him out one of these nights: Sunday July 24th […]

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11 July 2005 ~ 1 Comment

PBS Story on Emerging Church: Part 1

For those of you who have any interest in the story behind some of the things happening in current christian culture, PBS aired what I thought was an interesting piece on what many refer to as the “Emergent Church Movement.” It is interesting to get some different perspectives on the changing landscape of how we […]

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11 July 2005 ~ 0 Comments

#8 – Host A Movie Marathon

It was a long but great weekend. Saturday night was a great luau dinner to appreciate all of you volunteers who do so much around Revolution. If you weren’t able to make it or just want to see some fun photos from the night, just go ahead and check out David’s blog. He posted a […]

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04 July 2005 ~ 1 Comment

#9 – Partay on Independence Day

The July/August issue of Relevant magazine had an article with "10 Things to Do in the Summer of ’05." The idea is to take pictures of yourself doing all 10 with the magazine and send em in. You then get a free Relevant T shirt and, better yet, you’re entered into the chance to win […]

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04 July 2005 ~ 4 Comments

Christian Anthem

Just an interesting video online here. I’ll refrain from any comments and let you form your own opinion. Watch “Christian Anthem”

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