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28 June 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Worship Confessional – #-1-2 – With Purpose

A few days late, being at the conference and all, but here it is!   

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18 June 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Worship Confessional #11: Father’s Day

How was your Father’s Day?

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12 June 2007 ~ 1 Comment

Worship Confessional 10 – I Confess…

…I didn’t lead worship this Sunday. I really have a value to not be the only person that’s ever seen leading worship at CLC.  Two reasons for this.  First – it’s not all about me.  If there are other gifted leaders in our ministry, I want to give them the opportunity to share that with […]

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04 June 2007 ~ 3 Comments


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29 May 2007 ~ 3 Comments

Worship Confessional 8

A few days late, but here it is:    I got some link love from Los this week cause of showing pieces of the set, and it ends up being the first week in months that I haven’t.  DOH!  Oh well, guess you’ll have to come back next week. And I mentioned this in the […]

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20 May 2007 ~ 4 Comments

Seventh Confession

Missions emphasis Sunday this morning.  Had a good service.  Then had low-carb South Beach lunch at Zelda’s on the Beach in Capitola Village.  Check it all out here: Any thought?  How was your Sunday?

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14 May 2007 ~ 1 Comment

Mother’s Day Worship Confession – #6

Here’s the skinny from Sunday.  A few video clips again, but from a static camcorder on a tripod in the balcony. 

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06 May 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Cinco De Confessional

That’s right, we are up to Worship Confessional #5.  Awesome morning.  Check it out:   So how was your Sunday?  And Jamie, I’m still waiting to see your confessionals start.  And then you need to get Elijah blogging and confessing too.

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29 April 2007 ~ 6 Comments

#4 – I Confess: My G-String Snapped

If you found this page because you just Googled "g-string", you might want to visit this site. For the rest of you, welcome to another installment of Worship Confessional.  This week I decided to do something a little daring…some clips from our service.  I say daring for a number of reasons.  One is, it’s just […]

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22 April 2007 ~ 9 Comments

Worship Confessional 3

Here it is.  A bit earlier this week.  Check out my hood.  Enjoy.   

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