19 April 2007 ~ 13 Comments

The Good News

The Macvangelization has begun!

That’s right friends, my brief stint back in the underworld of PC is once again all over.  And it made me all the more appreciative of my friends at Apple.  After a couple weeks of CTRL-ALT-DEL and random freezing, CLC blessed a brother with a brand spankin new Macbook Pro! 

So yester day I drove "over the hill" (NorCal speak for "to San Jose") to Oakridge Mall.


I made my way to the Apple store.


And I returned to my office with my 15", 2.33 G processing, 2 GB RAM, wonder of technology.


So c’mon people!  Join me!  If you’re still using one of those inferior PC’s, what’s the deal?  Come on over.  I fought it for too long and I’m glad I finally crossed.  just wish I had done it sooner.  Don’t make the same mistake.  Today is the day!  If you got hit by a bus today, do you know…

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