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17 April 2007 ~ 3 Comments

Worship Confessional – Numero Dos

It’s a few days late, but you didn’t think I was gonna let it go, now did ya?  Here’s a little talk through from Sunday night.  Lighting kinda sucks, but you get the point.

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08 April 2007 ~ 13 Comments

Easter Worship Confessional: The First

And so I have given into the peer pressure of one blogging friend, Mr. Carlos Whittaker, to join in the list of those sharing our worship experiences each week.  I kinda half way gave in a few times with the Behind the Scenes videos, but today marks the beginning of my worship confessionals as I […]

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11 March 2007 ~ 3 Comments

Bellflower Preview

First morning at Pace Elementary in Bellflower.  It was a crazy week of picking up lots of new equipment, racking it all up, connecting it, testing it out, shooting and editing a videocast… Check out the video and see how it went:    So that was my Sunday!  Bellflower team – you rock!  Lakewood peeps […]

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08 August 2006 ~ 6 Comments

A Day In The Life…

I guess this is kinda like my first real Vlog.  A Sunday morning in the life of the Pastor of Celebration Arts.  The main idea here was to film our Sunday morning setup that we do every Sunday morning.  It’s amazing to see how it all comes together. I ended up taping this on one […]

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